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Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Welcome to my tiny piece of the interweb. I have lots to share--ideas, thoughts and whatnot. You are welcome to all of it, you can pick and choose, or just ignore entirely. I wanted to jumpstart this section of the website because well, I have thoughts and my husband can only field so much 😆. I want you know how much each one of you means to me and more importantly to heavenly Father. I appreciate your time, energy, and focus more than I can express...but I will try.

I am a writer by nature. (I've been a journaler since the first grade. Thank you Ms. Farone for the hardback, wide rule journal with a boot on it and the word "Texas" scrawled across the front). A short story writer and secret poet into my junior high years. A large gap thereafter due to actual and unavoidable writing for school, then a detox from student life (where there was very little reading and writing happening). Then I had a real blog for friends and family when our little marriage led to a little family of 3 and my creative juices needed somewhere to flow. But I've always kept a journal. Writing is how I process and progress through things that come up. Often times it's in the form of prayer but then there are other topics that come up that I feel must make it out into the world to find others who are touched, moved, grieved by similar things.

This Greater Good Exchange shop was born out of a desire for social change. Deep inside of me is a war for justice, a rage for exploitation, and a feeling that if we could all come together for change we would be better off. I also can't buy into blindly letting the world and flow of society determine my priorities. Let me say here that I am very much influenced by society and more than I know or admit for certain. But I see it too. And there are things I'm not willing to simply accept because " that's the way it is". Feeling ineffective and small, I decided to start in my circle and do what I could to bring awareness to those who are saddled with injustice, those who are seemingly powerless, or born into a cycle that is generations in the making.

I don't presume to think that you want to hear all about me and so I intend to mostly share the stories of others...of struggle and victory, hardship and hope. Of course there will be sprinkles of me in each post. Thanks for being here, dear reader.

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